MOOC "Open eTwinning"

Welcome to the MOOC "Open eTwinning", organized by the Spanish NSS. This is your training TwinSpace for practice. Enjoy it!

Project Journal

  • I really enjoyed taking this course where I could develop my knowledge and the presentation of projects and motivation to stimulate students' learning.
    This course is a feature that helps to facilitate the performance and teacher learning for future stages of work.
    Helga Alves, Teacher of Sociology, Portugal
    - Posted by Open Twin.9, 29.06.2016

  • The aspect of TwinSpace I think should be improved:
    Domenico Dicarolo

    The aspect I think should be improved.jpg

    - Posted by Open Twin.10, 29.06.2016

  • I have enjoyed a lot this course, and it's a pitty the short time I have spend experimenting with all the new ICT tools I have discoverd here, they are amazing!
    I'm sure this summer I will search and deepen in the subject, the possibilities I ignore where a lot, so I have improved my skills a lot, and I hope I will continue doing so. Very practical and useful course! Ana Maria Pinto Gimeno. Benicarló, Spain.
    - Posted by Open Twin.7, 29.06.2016

  • I have liked this course but I agree that time has been a big issue for most of us because of the ending of the year, the classes, he exams and all items we are involves in as teachers. It has been a good experience an I hope to get results!
    Juan Mera Gracia
    - Posted by Open Twin.6, 29.06.2016

  • My school participated in a Comenius project 3 years ago, and now t I want to be the responsible of an Erasmus +, this eTwinning course has been a fantastic way to learn about how to create a project, how to look for partners... In fact i´m going to start a new project in September, do you want to participate? :) Manuel Alcedo. Cádiz, Spain.
    - Posted by Open Twin.10, 29.06.2016